UNCTAD’s Business Schools for Impact Initiative: Internship Programme

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UNCTAD’s Business Schools for Impact initiative offers some 20 diverse and high quality internships at locations around the world to undergrad and postgraduate students

Business Schools for Impact, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)’s platform for business schools and students interested in creating positive change, has launched an internship programme. Some 20 opportunities in 14 countries are available and assignments vary in terms of sector, content and geographical exposure.

The internships will involve students in core areas of activity of the companies. They will be expected to support the entrepreneurs in a wide variety of tasks such as finance; business expansion assistance; marketing and communications; building a new trade & trade facilitation model. The interns will therefore get an opportunity to add real value and gain meaningful experience. Independent, strong-minded and can-do candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Sign up and browse internship opportunities here.

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