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Rob Owen is the founder of Idea Skateboard, a skate company that sells decks designed by local artists. His business is creative, social and based firmly on what interests him personally – Rob tells us how this came about and why it is fundamental to his drive and ongoing success.

‘I have grown up skating and board sports have always been a part of my life. The idea of a skate company has developed over a number of years. I guess it started aged 12, making my first skateboard with my Dad. From there I continued to shape boards for my friends in my final year I came around to the idea that I could make some money from this. With the help of my friends and Basecamp I have spent the last year developing and launching what has become IDEA Skateboards.

Being socially enterprising has always appealed to me because it allowed me to do what I love while giving back to the community that I have grown up in. We understand that we would not be where we are without being part of a society that works to help each other and we believe that now it is our opportunity to make a mark in society and help others make theirs.

We are not here to make as much money as possible. Our aims are to create a community of like-minded people that all work together to reach a common goal of creating a brand that is accessible to all, offering a wide range of art from up and coming British artists. We see IDEA as a way in which we can utilise the skills we have gained growing up and also as a way to allow others who have a passion or skills to push themselves further whatever their interest or skill. We are always open to new people and are always looking for help.

Growing up we were all surrounded by extremely talented artists who were constantly striving for recognition. These were our first port of call when we started the business. Soon we recognised that there is a huge pool of talent out there and all they need is a platform for their designs. This has led us to base our business around showcasing up and coming British art on our decks.

Setting up a business has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s been fun learning about branding, marketing and talking to new and interesting people all the time. Through the business I have been able to make a number of new friends as well as getting my own friends involved. The experience has strengthened our relationships and allowed us to find skills we never knew we had. Another great part of setting up the business is seeing our following develop and diversify into areas of society we did not expect it to spread.

For many people business is about making money or doing something serious but for me it is about doing what you enjoy and trying to make a living from it. Its more about trying to create something good than hitting the big time.’

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IDEA Skateboards

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