Hungry Under Dogs

Cameron Parker is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of the motivational lifestyle brand ‘Hungry.Under.Dogs.’ When not working for H.U.D, Cameron is working towards obtaining his degree in Business at the University of the West of England. In his spare time, his main passion is motivating and inspiring others, specifically those in school, college, and on various sports teams.
Going through school Cameron never showed any interest or understood the importance of education. He always had the mentality that school wasn’t for him.

After graduating from secondary school, Cameron was unsure of what he wanted to do with his life resulting in him getting involved in the wrong scene with the wrong people. It was apparent that something needed to change. One day Cameron’s American football coach contacted him saying he wanted Cameron to study at the South Gloucestershire & Stroud College as well as play American football for the first ever British American football academy – ‘The Pride’. This was just the change that Cameron needed. With the hopes of working hard for two years there was a possibility an opportunity could arise and Cameron could fulfill his dream of receiving a scholarship to go and play American football for a University in the United States of America.

The South Gloucestershire & Stroud College takes education very seriously; Cameron started to understand that to achieve his dreams he has to work hard on the field and twice as hard in the classroom. Cameron was very interested in business and they had a great business course there. However, to be able to get on to the business course the requirement was a minimum of five GCSEs, which, Cameron did not have, but he wasn’t going to let any obstacles stand in his way and was able to arrange a meeting with the head of the business school. His use of rhetoric and brute determination shined through. He promised her that he would achieve the highest grade possible. The meeting resulted in Cameron being allowed on his desired course.

At the end of the two years Cameron did just as he promised. He got the best grades available to him, three distinctions. However, he never got his scholarship to the states that he wanted so much, despite this being something he had put his blood, sweat, and tears into. It was extremely difficult for him to accept. Looking back now Cameron describes not going to America as a “blessing in disguise” because he feels he has bigger and better dreams he is pursuing. The experience at the college really transformed Cameron from a boy to a man. He went in with the mentality that he was going to do what ever it takes to succeed, living by one of his most favourite principles ‘NO WHAT IFS’.  After graduating from South Gloucestershire & Stroud College, Cameron left a legacy behind within the college and the American Football team. Head Coach Ben Herod calls Cameron “the hardest worker the Pride has ever seen” During his playing career, Cameron was able to win many different awards which include:

  • Players Player 2009/Coaches Player 2010
  • Hardest working athlete out of all the sporting academies at the College 2010
  • Great Britain Lions Youth Starter
  • EFAF All star
  • DoDDs All conference
  • Captain for British Champions and Pride (2009-2010)

Cameron believes his poor GCSE’s was partially the reason he did not recieve a scholarship to the United States. After his experience in college he finally values the importance of education, especially during the teenage years. Therefore, he is trying to pass on his lessons to make sure kids do not make the same mistakes as him, all while studying for his degree at the same time. When Cameron graduates he will be the first person in his family to earn a university degree. He is doing something that five years ago he would never of thought possible. Cameron Lives by the philosophy of ‘Hungry.Under.Dogs.’ What they believe is that everybody in life is an underdog but ‘Only The Hungriest Succeed’. H.U.D represents hard work and dedication. Cameron lived by this lifestyle and mentality in College and he continues to live by it today, in everything that he does. It is because so many people believe and can relate to this lifestyle that it has been transform into something bigger than just an idea. The demand for more from H.U.D is continually increasing.

Now H.U.D offers a variety of different products, it is something that started as a motto and now it has developed into a successful business. To truly spread the philosophy of H.U.D, Cameron has now started to go around schools, colleges, and sports teams to help motivate and inspire them as well as teach them valuable life lessons. He wants everyone to appreciating the importance and power of education; and know you are never to young or to old to chase after your dreams. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Cameron wants the youth of today to avoid the same mistakes he made growing up through life. If there is one thing he is truly passionate about, it is helping and making a difference to people’s lives.

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