Founded in 2005 by UWE graduate and award-winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott. FRANK Water was born from personal experience. When Katie became seriously ill after drinking dirty water in India, she was inspired to do something to address the water problems she’d encountered both in India and in other countries across the world. By selling her own brand of ethical bottled water to a handful of local bars and cafes, Katie began raising funds for safe water projects in developing countries and so FRANK Water was born.

In 2007, FRANK Water registered its own charity, FRANK Water Projects. The charity began to receive donations from fundraisers, donors and from sales of FRANK’s own bottled water. FRANK Water Projects works with local partners to deliver appropriate, equitable and sustainable solutions to water and sanitation issues in the poorest and most vulnerable communities in India.

Nearly ten years on, FRANK Water has reached more than 200,000 people across 128 communities in India and still sells its own brand of bottled water to stockists in Bristol and beyond.

In 2010, FRANK Water launched its FreeFill initiative, offering festival-goers across the UK as much chilled, filtered water as they can drink. The offer comprises a £5 BPA-free refillable water bottle (or a £3 wristband for those who bring their own bottle) and unlimited refills of chilled, filtered water courtesy of FRANK Water’s own filtration system. Last year saw FRANK Water at seven different festivals, including WOMAD and Bristol-favourite Shambala and sold 10,000 bottles across the Summer.

Whilst FRANK actively promotes refill and re-use, we recognize that there are times when people will buy bottled water and we think it’s important to give them an ethical choice. We use only one local artesian spring to supply our water. Artesian spring water bubbles naturally to the surface without the help of a pump. FRANK Water does not export or transport water over long distances. Bottles are made from either recyclable PET or Glass.

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