7 Bamboos Rugby

“We identified that the sport of 7s rugby, combined with development-focused coaching, offers valuable opportunities for young people to play a fast growing, fascinating game and helps to improve fitness levels, consequently preventing long-term diseases such as obesity and overweight. Equally important, this combination also helps to gain vital character-building skills, which are essential in achieving better outcomes in education, health and economic productivity.”

7 Bamboos Rugby is a social, creative and innovative venture, based on four areas: A development squad, coaching programmes for schools and colleges,tailor-made tournaments and a range of distinctive merchandise.

The unique selling point of 7 Bamboos Rugby is the creation of a venture that, in this way, simply does not yet exists: A carefully considered development cycle based on a creative, well-designed brand, acting as a social enterprise.

Our idea takes a completely new approach toward young peoples’ development. Most 7s rugby teams limit their offer to assembling experienced rugby players for tournaments only, without considering any development aspects. Instead of concentrating on creating a team with the sole emphasis on winning tournaments, our approach puts its focus on social change and an improved quality of life for young people.

Visit http://www.7bamboosrugby.com/ to find out more.

Max Lueck – Founder / Ceo

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