GoodLab is an experimental project that brings together social entrepreneurs and Bristol universities. We are creating an ecosystem of support and exchange between social ventures and research that will enable greater impact, together.

The GoodLab will be the central hub of a joint initiative from UnLtd and HEFCE to strengthen and broaden HE sector support for social entrepreneurship and social enterprise. It is a new social innovation incubator based at CAN Mezzanine, Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol. Goodlab users will receive high level ‘panel consultancy’, mentorship and training. Collaboration from HEI academics, business supporters and existing social enterprises will make this a truly multidisciplinary experience, with fertile ground for developing new tools, resources and research questions. In this way the GoodLab will support an emerging community of skilled social entrepreneurs, and social enterprising researchers capable of developing truly scalable and valuable social ventures.

GoodLab provides information and support for academic staff, current students and alumni from University of Bristol and University of the West of England, as well as local social enterprises looking to scale up. GoodLab aims to bring the different communities together to create social and environmental impact by providing case studies, interviews, videos and much more, including space for discussion and networking opportunities within the social innovation and enterprise community. GoodLab provides the opportunity for one-to-one support and business panel review sessions in order to help social enterprises to scale up for a greater local social impact.

We will be running a series of themed events to further expand the reach of GoodLab, bringing together our university-based social entrepreneurs and those based in the wider community alike. Connecting communities and initiatives to bring together entrepreneurs in the Southwest region in a meaningful manner is paramount to the success of the GoodLab in its experimental stages. We aim to provide resources that will, among other things, effectively facilitate the sharing of skills, knowledge and experiences to help businesses to scale up in the way that is right for them.

If you are a social entrepreneur

GoodLab is here to help you scale up with a large programme of support. It will also introduce the work of higher educational institutions to your venture to see whether your impact on the world can be increased.

If you are a researcher

GoodLab is here for you to realise your social innovation potential. It will enable you to express your work in a way that will have real impact and enable social impact business working in your field.

If you are a student or graduate social entrepreneur

GoodLab is here to help you scale up and to provide support that is multidisciplinary and able to draw from and be enhanced by current research.

For everyone

GoodLab will develop tools and an online platform that will enable these kinds of collaboration to continue and allow social impact to grow. GoodLab will put on a series of events for all who are interested in a specific sector to come and add to this experiment.